Monday, May 20, 2013

End of the Year Blues

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, I find myself with a bad case of the end of the year blues. Usually at the end of the year, I feel a little heartache that I won't see my sweet kiddos everyday and I get all teary thinking about how far they've come. I really do get so attached to every class. This year I feel an extra little bit of heartache because I love my school and district so much. They are such a wonderful fit for who I am as a teacher and this has been a truly fabulous year. With all that being said, I must also say that I will not be returning next year.

I really neglected this blog while I was teaching innercity, which is kind of silly since the whole reason I started it was to write down the crazy things that happened in my room. My district really has a phenomenal reputation throughout our state so when I was asked to come on board as an extended leave replacement teacher, I didn't hesitate for a second. My husband may have thought I was a little crazy but I took a leap of faith and accepted my current position even though I would not have a renewing contract. It could have been just a one year job, which was a little scary. I said a prayer, took a leap of faith, and then worked very hard. I was so thrilled when I was offered a permanent position to teach third grade. The position would be tenure track with a renewing contract in what I believe (although I'm a little biased) the best school district ever. I would be changing schools but would remain in the district permanently and be able to stay in 3rd grade. Yay!

Then, my husband was offered a new job. An absolutely amazing new job. That amazing new job, however, is not in New Jersey. If you read my life blog, then you know I announced last week that he accepted to position and we are moving in June. We are moving to Charlotte, which is the area where I grew up. I am so excited to be closer to my family and closest friends. However, it absolutely broke my heart to turn down the most perfect job offer. I've started applying and interviewing for positions next year and I know I will be very happy with whatever position I am in next school year but I also find myself panicking as I think about leaving my district and never seeing the sweet kids and amazing families again and not working with my amazing colleagues, principal, and supervisors any more. I really feel like I have grown so much this year and I have absolutely loved every minute at my school so I really can't imagine not working there anymore. I am really excited to see what the next year brings, though. I will be in an area where there is a great need and I am really looking forward to the next adventure - even if it is a little heartbreaking at the moment.

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