Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun in Fifth Grade!

If you follow my life blog, then you know my husband and I recently said goodbye to Hoboken and I left my amazing school district in New Jersey. As excited as I am to be back South, it was so hard to leave such a wonderful district and an absolutely perfect job. Luckily, on my second day in Charlotte, I was offered a new job for the coming school year. I will be teaching 5th grade gifted and talented and I am beyond excited! I have just loved everything about 3rd grade but am excited to try out a new grade level (I interned in 5th grade a couple years ago and really liked it) and teach some new content. Its a little intimidating to change grade levels but I am really looking forward to the coming year and am so thankful to have found a wonderful job right away. I can't wait to meet my fifth graders in August and am excited for all the fun we'll have.

I need some fifth grade blogs to follow - throw 'em at me!