Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf in the classroom pt. 2

As the holidays approached in room 211, Jingles' mischeif continued. The first week was of course a little rough, being that Jingles lost his magic when one of my little boys touched him. Following directions is an important life skill, friends. We got back on track after using the Elf Magic Recovery Dust that Santa sent through overnight express mail to our classroom. 

My kiddos came in to find Jingles peering over the role sheet with his own little pencil and paper, crafting out a naughty and nice list. 
The next day my kiddos searched long and hard for him before they finally found Jingles hiding in a pocket chart. 
I was in a little bit of a hurry trying to snap a photo the following day but sneaky Jingles changed the date one our schedule to December 25. 
On Thursday he was front and center on our easel, holding hands with a stuffed animal from our classroom. 
On Friday of week 2, my kids came in and couldn't find him anywhere! There were some clues, though. Sparkly footprints all over the room...
So my kids searched and searched...
..until they finally found Jingles hiding back in the listening center eating a pancake one of my kids made for him the day before. And yes, this is a real, elf-sized pancake.
On Monday of the week of holiday vacation, my kids came in to find that Jingles had built his own little house in the classroom library. 
My kiddos are too sweet. They thought this must mean that he was cold. The next day, they found him watching over them from the mail center. They fed him a snack and built him a house. 
Since Jingles now had a nice warm house, he climbed into bed for the next day.
By the Thursday before the Holiday break, it appeared that Jingles was getting a little homesick. He was sitting on the North Pole on the globe.
On Friday, the last day before break, my kids came in to find that Jingles had die-cut snowflakes and spread them out ALL over the room to make a white Christmas-party for them. He sat on the bookshelf, holding one of his creations. 
Jingles has gone back to the North Pole, at least until next year. One of my girls drew his portrait, though, so we'll always remember him.
Fellow teachers (and parents), what are your Elf on the Shelf ideas for next year?

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