Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Costume Parade & Quote of the Day

Oh how I wish I could post pictures of the costumes my Kindergarteners wore yesterday. Our school hosted a parade of costumes for the students. Since the community that serves our students is ummm...not the safest, our school hosted a safe Halloween event during the school day. Students in the lower school were able to change into their costumes after lunch and recess. They had a parade of costumes for the upper school, faculty, and some parents who were able to make it into school then went back to class for pumpkin painting and a Halloween party.

For privacy reasons, I will never post pictures of my actual students but I searched Google images high and low for photos of a couple of the cutest costumes from class.
Ladybug Princess

Lady skeleton

 Child pimp

I kid you not, one of my children came to school dressed as a pimp. Gold chains, hat, and all. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I asked him what his costume was to see what he would tell me and all he could do was giggle. I wish I could share the actual picture I took - hilarious!

Quote of the day - I was signing in at the office when I got to school on Monday, loaded up with Halloween goodies and freshly baked cookies. One of the other teachers told me to expect some of my students to be out all week. I asked why - apparently it is gang initiation week in our community and some of the kids will be home with their parents doing those sorts of activities. I was also told not to stay late working at school this week. Sometimes I feel like I must be pretty naiive and like I have so much to learn about the "real world."


  1. Pimp Children's costume = Priceless.

    It's crazy that you would have to worry about things such as the gang initiation and your safety. So sad to think that there are "celebrities" and media wasting millions (ie. on a fake wedding) that could have been better used to invest in these schools and neighborhoods to better our country. Sheesh!

    Did you dress up for Halloween at school?

  2. Wow, gang initiation week. That scares me, Elizabeth.

  3. Kindergarten Pimp....things that make you go hmmmm what were the parents thinkin?? lol

    I'm your latest follower!!